The LTA has secured a five-year partnership with AMC, the brand created by Andy Murray and Castore, and will become its Official Performance Apparel Partner from 1 January 2021. Murray’s contribution into the creative As well as Andy Murray's range, Castore also have a Golf collection and Tech Lifestyle section. Under the long-term deal, Murray will continue to wear Castore both on and off the court, and will also become a shareholder in Castore and an advisor to the board. See more of Andy Murray on Facebook. The British player has now found a new endorsement, Castore , that … Andy Murray may be retiring from tennis, but that doesn’t mean his days of sponsorships are over. Log In. Castore has always professed himself as a manufacturer of "highest quality sportswear" and this has attracted the attention of "secondary" personalities such as coaches and trainers such as Matt Little, Andy Murray's longtime fitness coach. The company brands Andy Murray's products as AMC, and it became the official apparel partner to the Lawn Tennis Association. or. This fitted perfectly with Castore’s ethos Better Never Stops. Andy Murray was first spotted wearing Castore during the 2019 Australian Open. See more of Andy Murray on Facebook. With Andy Murray's seal of approval, we're safely dubbing this is our one-stop shop for sportswear. A new feature length documentary. Life and style; This much I know; Tennis; Andy Murray; interviews; Reuse … Today at 6:00 AM. British tennis player Andy Murray has launched a new kit partnership with premium British sportswear brand Castore. Andy Murray As planned, the four-year deal between Andy Murray and Under Armour ended in late 2018. It was later confirmed he joined as a shareholder & adviser. The young brothers who make Andy Murray's kit have just opened their first flagship store in the heart of Chelsea. Sir Andy Murray and Arnaud Massenet, the Net-a-Porter co-founder, are among investors who have ploughed £7.5m into a sportswear start-up to help it expand into team sports.Liverpool-based Castore … Castore to open stores following Andy Murray investment. In January 2019, Castore became the official kit partner to British tennis champion Andy Murray, who also became a shareholder in the company in March of that year. . The campaign centres around the idea of; ‘It’s about you, not your opponent. ANDY MURRAY is back at Wimbledon, but doing things slightly differently to before. As well as playing doubles rather than singles, Murray also has a new sponsor - Castore. or. Watch the trailer. Forgot account? News of the Scot’s new sponsorship deal came amid developments overnight in Australia where the three-time Grand Slam winner announced that he plans to retire The three-time grand slam champion has an ongoing collaboration with Castore, but this is his first venture into the creation of sportswear clothing with a brand. US Open Kitchen Table Face Off. Log In. Premium sportswear firm Castore, owned by Liverpool-based brothers Tom and Phil Beahon, have opened a 1,200sq ft store on King's Road, which is home to some of the world's most prestigious brands.. Andy Murray interview 2019: In the wake of the news of the tennis player's retirement, the Scottish former world number one announces a new partnership with sports brand Castore… Andy Murray is wearing AMC, a tennis line created by Andy and Castore ( Topics. Not Now. 1 Andy Murray ended the contract with Under Armour in January, signing a new eight-year deal with Castore worth £8m. British sports icon Andy Murray and Castore, the premium British sportswear brand, today announce the arrival of their debut ‘Andy Murray Castore’ co-branded tennis performance and lifestyle apparel line. Andy Murray: Resurfacing. Nicholas Hyett, a retail analyst at financial services group Hargreaves Lansdown, says that Castore's tie-up with Andy Murray is a very clever move. Andy Murray and British sportswear brand Castore have announced the arrival of their debut ‘Andy Murray Castore’ (AMC) co-branded tennis performance and lifestyle range. UK tennis-pro Andy Murray has signed a sponsorship deal worth £8m with British sportswear start-up Castore. Related Pages. Create New Account. The British brand has previously shared it has “worldwide ambitions” and aims to challenge the market and change the future dynamic of international sportswear and added that this partnership with Murray is an “exciting time for British sportswear” and will help position Castore as a premium alternative on the global stage. By Kirsty McGregor 6 March 2019. British sportswear brand Castore has revealed plans to open flagship stores in key cities worldwide and expand into womenswear, as it unveiled further details of its strategic partnership with British tennis player Andy Murray. TRR Nutrition – Advanced Collagen. Watch Andy and Jamie Murray go head to head in a US Open Kitchen Table Face Off Special. The company was founded in 2015, and as of May 2020 was the official kit partner for British tennis player Andy Murray and Scottish football club Rangers F.C. Feels good to be back ATP Tour Castore Sportswear # AMC. Andy Murray. AMC is a co-branded tennis performance and lifestyle apparel line, which is a collaboration between Andy Murray and Castore. The company expects to sign its first football deals in … As Murray’s Under Armour sponsorship came to an end in 2018, he confirmed that he would be using the gears by Castore during the Australian Open and … Andy’s focus isn’t about the outcome, or the opponent, it’s about the process. Andy is a tennis player from Dunblane in Scotland who has reached the very top of the tennis ranking Andy Murray has scored a new sponsorship deal ahead of the Australian Open after signing up with clothing brand Castore.. Castore Ltd, branded as Castore, is a Liverpool, England-based manufacturer of sportswear and athletic clothing. 17,491 talking about this. Really enjoyed chatting to MAN Magazine UK for # InternationalMensDay..., in support of Mind and Time to Change.My full article is uploaded below, but you can also check out the full issue online (for free), by following the link below. Murray made his debut in Castore's kit during the 2019 Australian Open - a tournament many assumed would be his last. Marlie Packer, female rugby union player for England, is a brand ambassador for Castore. The tennis world paid their tribute to the most successful British tennis player, Murray for his sparkling career. Getty Images. Roger Federer. Castore announces long-term partnership with Andy Murray. Jack talking about his new ambassador role for Castore, a premium UK men's sportswear company. Create New Account. Athlete. In fact, the tennis pro unveiled a new one on Jan. 11, teaming up with Castore. Castore has raised GBP 5.5 million to date and is sold in more than 50 countries. Andy Murray wearing the Castore brand “He was wearing our kit when he was with Andy. It caught Andy's attention so we got the conversation going.” Murray was at what Phil described as a “transition period” of his career - his deal with Under Armour coming to an end, and sportswear giants preparing big bids to sign him up. Andy Murray The three-time Grand Slam champion and a former world no. @andy_murray on the long term LTA & AMC apparel partnership — LTA (@the_LTA) November 13, 2020 “We were looking to take Castore to the … Castore chooses Williams Murray Hamm to launch Andy Murray sportswear partnership. British tennis great Andy Murray is set to play out the remainder of his career in sportswear from Castore after signing a deal with the British brand prior to the Australian Open. Former World No.1 Andy Murray has confirmed he will be wearing British sportswear brand Castore at the 2019 Australian Open in Melbourne, an event which he has since warned could be the final tournament of his career.

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