I felt like my 4 days (3 nights) was plenty to see Oslo and hangout with the Norwegians. If you prefer travelling by train, the Scanrail pass (Eurail Scandinavia Pass) is your best deal. Moved to Stockholm couples years ago Pros: 1. Scandi map. Alternatively, you can take a train from Stockholm to Oslo via Göteborg Centralstation and Halden stasjon in around 8h 29m. Vivre à Stockholm Il fait bon vivre à Stockholm. BTW, if you have two extra days in Scandinavia, take the Norway in a Nutshell tour, which uses a series of trains and a ferry to take you through the picturesque Norwegian mountains and fjords, then drops you off in the beautiful city of Bergen. and listen to music, my best site-seeing picks are; Nyhavn – Copenhagen’s historic harbor and boardwalk, Tivoli Gardens – the world famous theme park and pleasure gardens, Rosenberg Castle – a beautiful renaissance castle, Church of Our Savior with its screw-top tower, Fredricks Kirke – the marble church, Copenhagen Opera House, Royal Library Gardens and Christiansborg Palace – home of the Royal stable (no horses in the summer) the royal kitchen and the royal reception rooms (must-see if you like the ultra luxury lives of royalty). Direction le forum, Des infos pour se loger à Stockholm? Oslo has dozens of beautiful parks and traffic is lite, so walking is really worthwhile if you have a good pair of shoes. Ce blog a été crée dans le but de raconter notre petit bout de chemin au pays d'Ikea, et vous est destiné à vous: amis, famille ou internautes de passages ! The suburbs of Stockholm surround the city and are commonly divided into the northern and southern suburbs. Expat.com utilise des cookies pour vous offrir la meilleure expérience possible. Oslo is not cheap, especially when it comes to food and drink. Attention! So I … I stopped by on my way back from the Viking Ship Museum thinking I would blow in and out within an hour. Créer un nouveau profil, si vous avez modifié votre adresse e-mail ou que votre adresse e-mail ne peut être vérifiée. Partagez vos bons plans et faites appel aux professionnels testés et approuvés par les expatriés. Bénéficiez des services d'une banque qui vous accompagne dans votre mobilité. Similarly, book yourself a cruise from Oslo to Stockholm and from Stockholm to Helsinki. Oslo est plus petite et a une ambiance plus cosy. There is a ton to see and do. Work condition is great. Then, as the bus approaches the end of the tour, I hop-off when I see something interesting and check out that area before walking back to my hotel, Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget (great budget hotel in central location.) Oslo is the least attractive Nordic capital IMO (that being said, some of the most beautiful and nicest towns in the Nordic countries are in Norway, but Oslo is not one of them) Tickets cost 270 kr - 380 kr and the journey takes 7h 35m. My list of must see sites are; Vasamuseet – the world famous Vasa museum, featuring a 300 year old wooden war ship raised from the bottom of Stockholm harbor, Gamla Stan – Stockholm’s old town filled with historic buildings, churches, and more cute restaurants and bars than you can shake a stick at, the Royal Palace (get a slice of Royal Princess cake at the palace cafe), Riddarholm church, and Nordiska Museet – the nordic museum where the building itself is the best part of the museum. Oslo is more out of the way. I felt like the country boy arriving in the big city from his local village after coming to Stockholm from Oslo. On this particular journey around the world, I decided to spend four days (3 nights) in each of the three major Scandinavian cities I was to visit; Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. Créez un événement et invitez les expatriés: soirée, concert, match, festival ou simple rencontre... à vous de choisir ! Jump to top. You will find also many tips to help you out in case of expatriation. Oslo. Originally a viking fishing village, Copenhagen is packed with museums, old churches, castles, palaces, universities, historic government buildings, theme parks, a modern opera house and a colorful harbor with its own, red light district. I have had some of my greatest adventures by getting lost in a city. The train from Stockholm to Oslo is usually fast and comfortable, especially if you manage to get a seat aboard one of the direct intercity services. Stockholm is way cheaper than Oslo (Norway is the costliest country in Europe). Vous expatrier dans cette partie de la Suède, c'est toutefois prévoir un budget mensuel conséquent, que cela soit pour la nourriture ou le logement, sans parler des hivers longs et froids. You will need one full day for the Norway in a Nutshell tour and one full day to visit Bergen. High-speed trains started running between Stockholm and Oslo in 2015, completing the long journey in a swift four and a half hours. And if you get a little lost, all the better. Might be nice to get a view of the Swedish countryside. by David Corley | Aug 18, 2016 | Destinations | 0 comments, I love Scandinavia. I started with Oslo, the capital of Norway and its largest city. Recherche une personne Sympathique pour me faire decouvrir Stockholm, Vivre en suede suite a l'autisme de mon fils, Plus de discussions sur la vie à Stockholm. So now comes the tough part… if I only had time or money to visit one of the three cities which would it be? Notre e-mail s'est glissé dans votre boîte de courrier indésirable ? Après avoir décroché un diplôme d’infirmier en France, Thibauld décide de mettre le cap sur la Scandinavie avec sa ... Les choses à faire en semaine à Stockholm, Les choses à faire à Stockholm seul, en famille ou entre amis, Développer son réseau professionnel à Stockholm, Préparez votre intégration de la meilleure façon possible en apprenant la langue. (Finland and Iceland are also considered Scandinavian, but those are for another journey in the future.) Helsinki to Stockholm can be done on an overnight ferry, which might be an interesting change from flying - have a look at Viking Line, for example. Stockholm is significantly more affordable than its nearby Scandinavian counterparts of Oslo and Copenhagen. Bus4You operates a bus from Oslo Bussterminal to Stockholm Cityterminalen once daily. Le taux de croissance démographique moyen reflète la hausse ou la baisse annuelle de la population. Copenhagen is a 4 day (3 night) city, unless you love to hangout, then I would throw in a couple of extra days. Excellent overnight cruises make for a truly convenient and comfortable way of exploring these historic cities. Most of the parks are next to a river or a lake and feature low-hanging willows, long spans of green grass and rows of colorful flower beds. Trouvez le poste de vos rêves et donnez à votre carrière une dimension internationale. Les deux villes ne sont pas comparables. Tough call. To the northwest are Bromma, Rinkeby and Akalla; Djursholm, Sollentuna and Täby are to the northeast; and finally, to the east of the city is the Stockholm archipelago, where many locals have second houses in towns by the seaside. But for a slice of authentic Nordic life, consider the lesser-explored central part of Sweden connecting its capital, Stockholm, and Norway’s first city, Oslo. Ambiance. Take time to hangout at some of the restaurant patios and outdoor bars. There are usually 4 buses that travel from Oslo to Stockholm per day with the first departing at 8:45 a.m. Swebus and Nettbuss Express travel from Oslo to Stockholm … Capable of cruising at speeds of up to 210km/h, SJ’s high-speed trains come equipped with many onboard services and amenities to be enjoyed from the comfort of your First or Second Class seat! 960 miles est la distance qui sépare Paris de Stockholm. Nombreux sont les expatriés qui ont sauté le pas en allant vivre, travailler ou encore étudier dans cette capitale. It has a some good sights but isn't really convenient to anywhere (other than Norway). - forum Stockholm - Besoin d'infos sur Stockholm ? The Swedish are such  beautiful people with friendly dispositions. It’s a great city. You can still take a direct train from Stockholm to Oslo in the meantime, but it now takes six hours. Alice au pays du syndrome..... de Stockholm. Alors qu'à Oslo, il nous a fallu moins d'une heure pour comprendre comment tout fonctionnait et pour nous repérer. I stayed at the Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza, a beautiful, upscale historic hotel in a great location with tasty breakfast buffet and a laid-back bar. Stockholm has a nice, people-watching, cafe culture that is a lot of fun in the summer (winter, I’m not so sure about…). I have had some of my greatest adventures by getting lost in a city. Plan du site. To the south lie Gröndal, Midsommerkransen and Hammarby. Oslo vs Stockholm. En savoir plus sur le budget à prévoir à Stockholm. Oslo is ranked number 1 for quality of life in European cities. Achetez, vendez et trouvez : bons plans, meubles, voitures, électro-ménager... Essayez, recommandez ! 4 days (3 nights) was just about perfect to see Stockholm, but it would not have killed me to stay a few days longer…  maybe a week… maybe a lifetime. The city is filled with all sorts of museums, like the Abba museum and the spirits museum. The tour starts in Oslo’s central train station. Sure, some of the folk demonstrations were kinda of corny, but others were really interesting and well worth the time. Cette option n'est en effet disponible qu'une seule fois. C%u2019est là que tout a commencé : notre rencontre, puis trois ans plus tard, notre décision de déménager à l%u2019étranger pour quelques mois - ou plus. Your email address will not be published. Still, take the time and spend the money to see all three of these capital cities in Scandinavia. A similar apartment in Oslo and Copenhagen would cost … Both are at pretty locations but also there I would think Stockholm wins, especially if you had time going on a tour into Skärgården (The archipelago). Consultez les annonces immobilières à Stockholm. Trouvez le logement idéal pour votre expatriation. Buses traveling from Oslo to Stockholm depart from Oslo Bussterminal and take between 7½ and 8 hours to arrive at Stockholm Cityterminalen. © 2020 Expat.com, All rights Reserved Well, the most dramatic and impressive fjords are found outside of Bergen, so if that's what you want I suggest you skip both Stockholm and Oslo and go to Bergen instead. Next stop was Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and its largest city. Plus, I was really surprised at how green all of Scandinavia is in summer. L'adresse e-mail indiquée est inaccessible. If you book a ticket Stockholm - Oslo with 2 months in advance you save up to about 80% compared to the initial price. Two other operators also service this route. Next would be Copenhagen, then Oslo, because it was really expensive. Conditions d'utilisation My final city was Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital and its largest city. When I get to any city, I usually start off by taking a hop-on hop-off bus tour to get my bearings and get a quick overview of the areas I want to explore. Découvrez le plus vaste réseau d'entraide pour les expatriés à Stockholm. Discover life in Seychelles through Madanm Paton's blog and the daily life in Sweden. Stockholm to Oslo is a six-hour train trip, sometimes with a change in Karlstad. Oslo to Stockholm. There are also a five or six great museums showcasing famous Norwegian artists like Edward Munch and Gustav Vigeland. Bus4You also services this route once daily. In Copenhagen, I stayed at Copenhagen Generator Hostel, a very hip, clean, upscale hostel in a fantastic location with a lousy breakfast buffet, a fun bar and tons of places to just chill out after a long day of sightseeing. Stockholm has more to see, set nicely on a series of islands, and is much more convenient to add side trips to Helsinki and/or Tallinn (which take you through the archipelago). If you want to stick to the major sites, I suggest the Oslo Opera House (very cool architecture), The Royal Palace (and the surrounding park – Slottsparken), Frogner Park (with its outdoor nude bronze sculptures), The National Theater, Holmenkollen Ski Jump Complex and Vikingskiphuset – the Viking Ship Museum. I started with Oslo, the capital of Norway and its largest city. Stockholm se décrit volontiers comme une cité moderne, sophistiquée, mais également traditionnelle et scandinave. From Stockholm to Helsinki is another overnight cruise that will cost you less than SG$100. S'installer à Oslo, c'est vivre des hivers particulièrement froids et dépenser des sommes conséquentes pour tout, depuis l'alimentation jusqu'aux loisirs. Each day has must see and do activities and a mix of optional things to do in Stockholmdepending on your interests. If you are walker like me, you can walk (and take a ferry) to most parts of the city. A beer is $10-12 US. By booking 3 months in advance, you could save up to 89%. Saisissez l'adresse mail avec laquelle vous vous êtes inscrit. My most surprising stop was the Norse Folkemuseum – The Norwegian Folk Museum. Although this city has plenty of cool places to just hangout drink a few beers (or glasses of wine), Royal Reception Rooms in Copenhagen, Denmark. Train. The air is clean and crisp. En poursuivant votre visite sur notre plateforme, vous acceptez l'utilisation de Cookies. Dans ces deux villes : Le niveau de sécurité est très bon I went in August, which is the best time for the weather, but a bit more crowded because all the europeans are on holiday. My most surprising stop was the Norse Folkemuseum – The Norwegian Folk Museum. Twice as big as Oslo and has a significantly more well preserved Old Town section. Pour choisir entre Stockholm ou Copenhague, le critère de l’ambiance n’est pas très pertinent car ces villes sont toutes deux, très agréables à vivre. 2. Suivez le guide, Toutes les annonces immobilières à Stockholm, projet expatriation en suède - artisan plaquiste. Both are very beautiful and interesting to visit. I didn’t see everything, but I think I got a good feel for a great city. I started with Oslo, the capital of Norway and its largest city. Stockholm by far. This means the itinerary suggestions below ca… A very cool and interesting city. Source: Wikipedia 2020. Beautiful city, a lot of parks, bike roads. It must be cool, right?! But like most people I am limited on how much time I want to spend in each place I travel. Obtenez un devis pour votre déménagement à Stockholm. In 2015 SJ Swedish Railways introduced three daily X2000 tilting trains between Oslo Sentral & Stockholm Central taking as little as 4h54. So now comes the tough part… if I only had time or money to visit one of the three cities which would it be? However, Stockholm’s ferries and buses can get you close to where ever you want to go in the city. The crowds didn’t feel overwhelming, because there are just not a lot of Scandinavians. En savoir plus sur le budget à prévoir à Copenhague. Tickets are available for as little as 200 SEK each way, wifi is free (up to 200mb per device in standard class) and there’s a buffet car serving hot drinks, beer, wine, and snacks. Welcome ! The following Stockholm itinerary is broken up into individual days. Swedish cuisine is also very tasty. How can you not like that?! Suivez le guide, Des questions sur le logement? Actuellement, la population mondiale augmente à un rythme d'environ 1.07% par an. Service choisi pour vous par Expat.com, Trouvez les meilleurs prix pour votre billet d'avion pour Stockholm, Bénéficiez d'un accompagnement personnalisé pour votre retraite d'expatrié à Stockholm. Strangely, there were a lot fewer restaurants, bars and coffee houses than I expected for a city the size of Oslo. Il s'agit de la plus grande ville de Norvège, de la plus ancienne capitale des Scandinaves mais surtout de l'une des plus chères au monde. This time I skipped my usual hop-on hop-off orientation bus ride and elected to take a tour by boat around the canals and harbor area. The city is filled with great restaurants and bars that line its cobblestone streets. My final city was Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital and its largest city. Début décembre 2012, nous avons pris l%u2019avion pour s%u2019installer dans ce pays magique où se côtoient les aurores boréales et le soleil de minuit. The Oslo fjord as seen from the city is just a wide expanse of water surrounded by relatively flat land... which in that respect makes it very similar to Stockholm, where there's plenty of waterfront running through the city. Your question though was “Is life in Stockholm/Sweden better than life in Copenhagen/Denmark?”. Generator is located in a neighborhood filled with restaurants and bars. Réussissez votre expatriation à Stockholm. The website www.pourquoivivreailleurs.xyz is en english (for most of the posts) and in french ! Stockholm. A car is a bad choice for travel between the capitals, train or fly instead. Make sure you take the Floibanen, the Bergen tram for spectacular views of the city and harbor. You do sound like you’ve already made up your mind, so I’m not entirely sure I’ll use any serious time trying to persuade you otherwise. Stockholm is built on 14 islands and has 57 bridges. Oslo vs Stockholm vs Copenhagen; Which is best? Stockholm has a long history as an empire which really shows in the palaces, cathedrals and museums. Si vous souhaitez en savoir davantage sur les cookies et la manière dont vous pouvez les gérer, veuillez consulter notre politique relative aux cookies. Vous avez choisi Oslo pour votre expatriation ? I just really like the Swedish vibe and I thought there was a ton to see and do, most of it within walking distance of my hotel. Alternatively, you can take a train from Oslo to Stockholm via Halden, Göteborg Central, and Göteborg Centralstation in around 9h 58m. Nombreux sont les expatriés qui ont sauté le pas en allant vivre, travailler ou encore étudier dans cette capitale. It really seems like there is something for everyone. For simple info:(like the Trikken train "to the mountains") visit the official tourist guides like: Découvrez la vie aux Seychelles avec le blog de Madanm Paton et un aperçu du quotidien suédois ainsi que de nombreux conseils pour une vie ailleurs. This has been so successful that the service was increased to 5 trains per day in December 2016, although since then work on re-electrifying the line has meant some further changes. Après un court séjour, et un gros coup de coeur, c%u2019est la capitale de la Scandinavie que nous avons choisi, pour y découvrir sa mentalité, ses paysages, ses mystères, sa beauté. Oslo is ranked number 1 for quality of life in European cities. Vivre 1 an à Stockholm, Helsinki ou Oslo? How to travel the world as a photographer or videographer. And, don’t miss reindeer hotdogs (lots of mustard, please) and the open-face crawfish sandwiches at the fish market by the harbor. It was fascinating seeing the way the Norwegians used to live and farm in this outside culture park. (I would actually choose Bergen over Oslo if I could only visit one city in Norway, because it is so damn colorful and its closer to the best fjords and waterfalls!) It’s a really relaxing way to spend a few hours, especially when you’ve been on a long flight, but don’t want to sleep so your internal clock can adjust to the new time zone. They are all well worth it! Stockholm est plus grande, plus animée et propose peut être plus de possibilités pour sortir le soir. Copenhagen or Stockholm: Sights, Attractions & Museums The mere mention of Copenhagen’s name invokes images of the Little Mermaid, the colorful Nyhavn canal district, the famous palaces of Amalienborg, Christiansborg & Rosenborg, and the iconic Tivoli Gardens … Conseils pour bien choisir votre assurance santé à Stockholm. Pourquoi rejoindre la communauté Expat.com ? The direct flight takes approximately 1h10 min. Europe - 1 week in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm - Help friends, I am arriving in Copenhagen on the morning of Aug 22nd and leaving out of Stockholm on the morning of Aug 29th this year. The great thing is Stockholm is a really manageable city to get around with a ton of transportation choices like the subway, buses, boats, electric trams, and even pedestrian-only zones for easy walking. And, hey, this is where the vikings would hangout after plundering and pillaging the rest of Europe. Stockholm in both cases, although there's no reason you can't visit both Stockholm and Helsinki. Good quality of air and water (you can drink from sink and go swim in city) 3. If you are walker like me, you can walk (and take a ferry) to most parts of the city.